You may think that a gate is a gate or a railing is a rail, but not at Currier’s.  Metal is something beautiful that can be detailed art as well as a functional piece in and around the house.

At Currier’s Certified Welding, we offer a wide variety of products and services from custom architectural and structural steel work to gates, rails and stairways.

We detail and fabricate structural steel for buildings, stairways, railings, ornamental entry gates, and more. Currier’s is also the Flathead Valley’s authorized Boss snowplow distributor.

Architectural – Custom Steel Work

Currier’s fabricates a wide variety of custom architectural steel work from railings and complete staircases to building trusses and entry gates. We also offer complete design capabilities to create the highest quality steel products.

We fabricate a number of quality products for the high end home building industry; complete automatic entry gates, custom railings, spiral staircases, decorative trusses and brackets and more. View some of our examples shown and give us a call to see how we can help your building project.

We are committed to giving the best work available.


We fabricate high security entry gates with automatic opening systems. From “Old World” wrought iron gate styles to a contemporary modern look, Currier’s can design it, build it, and install it. Our detailed 3D shop drawings speed production and reduce costs, allowing distinctive styles and creativity without breaking the budget.

Currier’s can design a custom entry gate to complete your property, from a simple sketch to elaborate western theme.

Railings & Stairways

At Currier’s, we create many different types of steel railings as well as complete stairways. We fabricate railings for both inside and outside the home. We can create just about any type of metal railing and/or stairway to suit your needs.

Simple to complex and large to small, we welcome your requests for custom designs. Our stairways and railings are designed for strength and durability. Whatever your style, Currier’s can turn your idea into reality.

Trusses & Brackets

Currier’s custom trusses can add beauty and elegance to any building. We can create complete steel trusses to perform to your design requirements for both load and appearance.

We can help add the finishing touches to your custom or log home with painted steel brackets. Our custom brackets will last a lifetime and provide both form and function.


Custom Art Work

We can create custom signs for your ranch entrance, mailbox and much more. Currier’s can take a simple sketch of a design or outline an actual picture, then cut it from the material of your choice. We can also take a small piece and scale it very large.

CNC plasma cutting uses compressed air and an electric arc to cut metal up to one-half inch thick. From plate steel, aluminum, brass, or other metals, Currier’s can cut artwork as if it was a paper-printed original.

From custom artwork and signs to furnishings and accessories, we reproduce originals over and over, the last exactly like the first.

If you can imagine it and it’s made of metal…we can build it.

Structural Steel & Building Fabrication

Currier’s offers structural steel fabrication and shop drawings and site measurement services.  Our fully certified welders create quality driven fabrication for every customer.

Contact us for examples of how we can help your design team at any stage of the project. We welcome simple and complex projects of all sizes.


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